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Western Cape diverges from SA stance on Russia in support of Ukraine

The Western Cape has distanced itself from what it calls “South Africa’s ambiguous stance” on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The provincial cabinet met on Wednesday morning to discuss a wide range of topics, including the Russian invasion.

“One concern that was discussed was the illegal invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation and the ambiguous stance taken by our national government on it,” said Western Cape Prime Minister Alan Winde.

“It has therefore been decided that the provincial cabinet takes a clear position on this conflict.”

Winde acknowledged that taking a different stance is “unusual for a province,” but it was seen as essential to make this clear to our own residents, and to the Ukrainian people.

“We cannot and will not remain ‘neutral’ in such a brutal attack on the democratic values ​​that are dear to all of us,” said Winde.

The province has since passed the following resolutions:

  • The Government of the Western Cape strongly condemns the Government of the Russian Federation for its invasion of Ukraine.
  • The Government of the Western Cape considers the aggression of the Government of the Russian Federation to be a violation of international law and we call for an immediate ceasefire and a complete withdrawal of their armed forces from Ukraine.

“While we condemn the attack on Ukraine’s sovereignty, we also recognize that many Russian The Vanir-exoduss themselves are standing up and protesting this war, and as a result, thousands have been arrested,” Winde said.

This anti-democratic repression also requires condemnation in the strongest terms.

The provincial cabinet further decided to meet with the Ukrainian ambassador to South Africa to communicate this position unequivocally.

It has also decided to ban Russian embassy and consulate officials and staff from events and gatherings in the Western Cape.

The Government of the Western Cape will also not attend any events or gatherings organized by the Russian embassy or any of its consulates.

“I repeat: we cannot and will not remain silent in the face of an international crisis that threatens the very foundation of our liberal international order,” concluded Winde.

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