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Which Is The Best Video Gallery Plugin WordPress 2021?

It is an unfortunate fact of life that, as your video collection expands, the chances of you being able to find a video you want to watch diminish. Add in the fact that you will inevitably lose all the tags you painstakingly entered and it can be a real shame to lose all those precious hours you spent labeling your collection. Well, there is a simple solution to all your woes, and it is called a video gallery WordPress plugin.

If you are a WordPress user, you might be aware of the wide range of video gallery plugins that are available for you to choose from. However, not all of them are as good as they sound. In fact, some of them are pretty bad and you’d be better off without them. If you are looking for a video gallery plugin for your WordPress site, then you should check out our guide below. It has all the details that you need in order to figure out which video gallery plugin is the best for your WordPress site.

Are you looking for the best video gallery WordPress plugin for your business or entertainment website? Then you are in the right place to choose the right option and present the location information interactively.

We can certainly get your message across quickly with videos, and yes, it will likely increase your reach. Since your audience has a high degree of personal interest, this will help you build a strong relationship with them.

But that’s not all, adding a video gallery has other benefits too!

Why a video gallery for WordPress?

  • Increases the number of subscribers/conversions
  • Improved ranking in search engines
  • Improves the user experience
  • Gives an authentic brand name

Top free video gallery plugins for WordPress

1. Video gallery

Video Gallery is the best free video gallery plugin, compatible with all the latest versions of WordPress. Very user-friendly, it gives your website a high-end look and feel. The video gallery is ideal for presenting all kinds of videos such as Vimeo, Youtube and Wistia. By following a few steps, you will be able to create an amazing video gallery on your website.

The clean design of the video gallery is very responsive on all screens. A handy editor makes this work very easy and effortless. The sleek design comes with 16 free themes. The pointer effect gives the whole a fantastic look.


  • 9 elegant gallery layouts
  • Awesome hover effects with gallery navigation
  • Pagination
  • Unlimited number of shortcode generators.
  • Supports short codes, MP4

2. All-in-one video gallery

All-in-One Video Gallery is a very well designed plugin especially for publishing video. With this plugin, you can add attractive, searchable video posts and improve SEO. You don’t have to deal with complicated coding to get started, and you can put one or more videos from Youtube and Vimeo on your site.

With this all-in-one WordPress video gallery plugin, you can easily create unlimited folders, create posts and customize them to your liking. You also have the option to mark videos as features. This video gallery addon supports translation, and videos can be played in autoplay and loop mode.


  • Optimized video galleries for search engine optimization
  • Can contain a video with sub-story material
  • Unlimited categories
  • YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Daily Motion players can be integrated.
  • Free

3. Video gallery (Smart grid gallery)

This WordPress video gallery plugin supports unlimited videos and is the best choice for embedding videos on your website because of its responsive design. This plugin is super compatible with WordPress and can extract videos from Youtube, Vimeo and a combination of both.

This video gallery slider WordPress plugin makes the whole experience smooth and you can choose from different types of gallery including blog style, thumb ani, lightbox video gallery. Create a simple video gallery shortcode that can be used in posts, pages and widgets for quick access.


  • Video gallery pop-up window
  • Supports YouTube and Vimeo
  • Responsive to any screen size
  • Possibility to create shortcodes
  • Combinations of colours, fonts and effects are possible.

4. Video gallery

With this free WordPress video gallery plugin, you can create playlists from your channel and username. In each URL 1 video can be inserted. Video Gallery lets you customize layouts, create a larger player, and create a responsive gallery.

The video gallery is fully compatible with the latest WordPress page builders, layouts and various styling options. By using the latest video galleries, you encourage visitors to stay longer on your site. Video Gallery is a good choice, very easy to use and valuable.


  • Supports the short cake
  • Embedding videos from YouTube channels and playlists
  • Mobile responsive plugin
  • Low operating effort
  • Many layouts

5. Letterbox

If you are looking for the best free WordPress video gallery plugin, Gallery Box is a solid choice. With this plugin, you can create an attractive photo gallery with carousel, slider, portfolio and Vimeo videos.

Gallery Box is well-customizable, fast to use, supports Youtube, Vimeo, image carousel, iframe, image board, etc. The gallery box hover effect is the best part, and all images will open in a smooth light box. The use of the gallery box gives access to 3 different styles of masonry grids and creative panels.


  • 3 smart wall diffusers
  • Supports YouTube, iFrame and Videmo.
  • Serious adjustments are possible.
  • You can add a carousel of images.
  • Attractive pointing effects
  • Free plugin

6. YourChannel

YourChannel is the best YouTube plugin for WordPress that supports many features like caching, autoplay, single video, channel video and many more. YourChannel can be used to display a banner, a username and a profile picture. This plugin allows you to create layouts and select fonts.

YourChannel displays videos in the Lightbox with 7 styles of video thumbnails. The transition is easy. YourChannel supports shortcodes for pages, posts and other fields. This WordPress plugin is RTL compatible and has a very simple visual builder.


  • Simple to use and easy to install.
  • Shortcodes are supported.
  • High illumination speed thanks to the cover system
  • Preparation of the transfer
  • 7 Tempting Thumbs Up Videos

7. Vimeography

The Videography plugin is specifically designed to create a video gallery with Vimeo videos on a WordPress site. With this free WordPress plugin, you can create an attractive website with perfectly customized videos, without any coding.

Vimeography makes it easy to embed video galleries in a page, post or even a template. It allows you to customize themes and change the look with an editor. The integrated caching guarantees high speeds when loading pages.


  • Integrated caching for fast loading of pages
  • Create an attractive video gallery in no time
  • Support for Vimeo and Youtube videos
  • Adapting and adjusting themes
  • Support for all current versions of WordPress

8. YouTube gallery

The name is enough to get a clear idea of the plugin. You can embed YouTube videos on your site and publish them on your WordPress site. You can create an attractive gallery from your YouTube videos without compromising the quality and adjust the size of the thumbnails. This is the perfect WordPress plugin for video galleries with thumbnails.

Using the YouTube gallery is very simple. Once the plugin is installed, the configuration help will make sure your site is ready for use and integration of Youtube videos. With this plugin, you can create shortcodes for quick access. The design is very simple and easy to use and start.


  • Ability to adjust the size of the thumbnail
  • Easy to navigate
  • Simple construction
  • Automatically sort Youtube videos by date of publication
  • Create easy-to-use shortcodes.

9. HuzzazVideo gallery

Video Gallery by Huzzaz is a free WordPress plugin to increase videos on your website. Video Gallery by Huzzaz offers a professional looking video gallery with amazing visual effects. No complicated coding is required to get started, and all this makes it the best free WordPress video gallery plugin.

Video Gallery by Huzzaz plugin turns a simple WordPress site into a beautiful gallery where you can add videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitch videos and many more. The simple drag-and-drop feature of Huzzaz’s video gallery allows for quick creation. It is also the best WordPress plugin for Facebook video gallery.


  • Individual colour and design adjustment
  • Automatic video playback
  • Create a beautiful video gallery without touching the code.
  • YouTube Video Gallery WordPress Plugin with Pagination
  • A unique video gallery

10. Video grille

Are you planning to create a beautiful and responsive WordPress site with the best video playlist? Check out the video grid; the video grid is super responsive and gives your website an elegant look. You can manage an unlimited number of videos without affecting the speed of the website.

The Video Grid table allows you to add, edit and delete existing videos. Before viewing the final grid, review the video grid and make changes as necessary. Video Grid comes with a free version that supports YouTube and Dailymotion.


  • Supports a number N of videos in the grid
  • Suitable for watching Youtube and Dailymotion videos
  • Ability to edit and delete videos
  • Make an attractive label for the grid
  • Watch a video before it goes live

11. Slider video carousel with softbox

This WordPress video gallery slider plugin is highly responsive and supports carousel images in the gallery. Images can be included in WordPress blogs and pages without sacrificing speed. You can also add, edit and delete photos and videos. The final title of the video can be set on the light table.

The free version of the WordPress Video Gallery Slider plugin supports YouTube and Dailymotion. You can insert a large number of videos into the slider and create a circular slider. You can edit the video and adjust the cursor speed.


  • Use the legend of the slide to add a link
  • Changing the speed of the cursor
  • Create an unlimited video gallery
  • Video thumbnail in one click
  • Changing the height and width of the video and image gallery

Premium Video Gallery Plugins WordPress

12. WP-Modula

If you’re a passionate photographer, a passionate designer, or a creative content creator, you need to have an engaging gallery. WP-Modula is one of the best plugins for WordPress video galleries. With a simple drag-and-drop grid system, you can take high quality photos and create unique layouts with them.

With this amazing WordPress video gallery slider plugin, you can showcase the best image work. CDN and image optimization ensure super fast download speeds. With this video plugin, you can embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other popular providers to create videos. The simple drag-and-drop builder makes work easy.

Additional features: Customizable layout, mobile-friendly galleries, quick social sharing, gallery filtering, premium extension and more. WP-Modula allows you to include dynamic galleries and create an attractive grid in just a few steps.


  • Quick view of the gallery
  • Embedding and sharing on social networks
  • Configuring Layouts
  • Photo and video support
  • Convenience for mobile devices

13. Envigrah Gallery

Envigra Gallery is one of the best premium WordPress gallery plugins that supports attractive photos and videos. Beautiful galleries will quickly capture the attention of your audience. Envigra Gallery is very easy to use and even a beginner can get started without any problems. This simple WordPress video gallery plugin is super responsive.

The many features of Envigra Gallery are simplicity, ease of use, pre-built smart templates, video and image support. Envigra Gallery allows you to organize your photo albums; they can be viewed on phones, tablets and even laptops. The ready-made templates allow you to fully customize the look and feel of your website.


  • Protect your work with a password and watermark.
  • Optimisation of referrals thanks to deep links
  • Ready for WooCommerce
  • Attractive full-screen slideshow
  • Easy drag and drop

14. Video Gallery WordPress Plugin

If you are looking for the cheapest WordPress plugin for Vimeo video gallery, Video Gallery WordPress Plugin is perfect. This WordPress video plugin is highly responsive, packed with powerful features and very easy to use. You can easily get started with WordPress because it is 100% compatible with it.

With the WordPress Video Gallery plugin, you get 5 skins to customize your website and improve its appearance. The best part is that this smart plugin is compatible with iPhone and iPad. It allows you to publish one video, multiple videos and images.


  • Different galleries in the same area
  • Support for iOS
  • Access to additional shortcodes
  • Connecting to the Vimeo API
  • High illumination speed

15. YouTube plugin

The YouTube plugin supports the brand new WordPress Gutenberg editor and serves as a platform to showcase your high quality images and videos. You have access to 4 attractive color schemes. Support is available in 16 languages and customization options are optimal.

With the YouTube plugin, you can include an attractive playlist on your website and the best creative interface. The best one is the WordPress YouTube video gallery plugin with pagination. You can also connect AdSense and make money from your website. This is the best WordPress YouTube video gallery plugin with pagination.


  • High degree of customization
  • Make money with AdSense
  • Affordable prices
  • Video preview
  • 4 bright color schemes

16. Raster FX

Give your audience the best version of your work with the Grid FX plugin. Display high quality images in a nice grid. This Nextgen Video Gallery WordPress plugin is highly customizable and gives you 80+ options. The best part is that it allows you to present a mixed grid of images, videos and messages. Grid FX is the best all-in-one video gallery plugin for WordPress.

Grid FX’s extensive dashboard provides access to themes, vibrant colors, templates and more. Grid video playback with Grid FX, social integration allows you to reach a wide audience with just a few clicks.


  • All on the same schedule
  • 80+ attractive customization options
  • Unlimited choice of colours
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Easy to work with

17. WordPress Video Gallery

Another premium video gallery plugin is WordPress Video Gallery Explore with 7 beautiful views and present your videos and images to the audience through the website. This great resource is a Vimeo video gallery WordPress plugin that adds unlimited videos and shortcodes.

WordPress Video Gallery is fully responsive and supports different screen sizes without sacrificing quality. This responsive video gallery WordPress plugin allows you to increase page load and supports pagination. Include short, concise titles and descriptions in each video to give users a better experience.


  • Custom URL
  • Support for paging
  • 7 tempting views
  • Fully responsive

18. Instagram feed

Instagram Feed is the most modern choice if you want to present your Instagram posts and videos to your website visitors. You can create a very responsive gallery and get started without any programming. This WordPress 2021 Best Video gallery plugin allows you to create large galleries.

With Instagram Feed, you have access to 2 popular layouts and can manage the rows and columns and adjust them accordingly. The best part is that each gallery can have an unlimited number of items. Users also have the ability to control the content displayed on the page using filters.


  • An impeccable integrated visual designer
  • Responsive designs
  • Choose one of the following two attractive layouts
  • Unlimited number of displayable images
  • User-friendly interface

19. Plugin for VimeoGallery

Vimeo Gallery plugin is another valid choice if you are looking for a video gallery slider WordPress plugin. The price of this plugin is affordable and you can get free updates in the future. This WP video gallery plugin is easy to use and allows you to create alternative playlists in no time.

Yes, this video gallery extension also promotes your Vimeo channel; over time it will increase your popularity and subscribers. Create the perfect video widget for your visitors with a flexible interface.


  • Flexibility and ease of use.
  • Suitable for Vimeo demo
  • Quickly add widgets
  • Knowledge of coding is not required
  • Superior support

20. YouTubeR

YouTubeR is an amazing plugin specifically designed to embed YouTube videos on your website. Easily upload YouTube videos to your WordPress integration page and create a playlist. Create engaging video galleries with this simple and easy to use video gallery WordPress plugin. This extension is fully compatible with WPML, LAYERS, Visual Composer.

YouTubeR lets you create 5 beautiful templates that are also super responsive for all types of screen sizes. This plugin is equipped with an infinite scroll technique that allows a website visitor to scroll through a large amount of content without reaching the end. The whole experience is smooth. YouTubeR Login also supports 3 easily customizable widgets.


  • Well optimized with WordPress caching
  • Quickly create beautiful video galleries
  • Endless scrolling option for playlists
  • High compatibility with Visual Compose
  • Access to online documentation.

What is the best WordPress video gallery plugin?

How to create a video gallery in WordPress? – This is a common question, as a video gallery has the potential to take your business website to the next level. However, you need to choose the ideal plugin to get the job done impressively.

Free WordPress video gallery plugins have limited functionality and are designed for beginners. If you run a business or a blog, I recommend choosing a premium plugin that offers mobile-friendly features and extensive customization options.

From this list of free and paid WordPress plugins for video galleries, I would highly recommend Modula as it is a super fast plugin that comes with a drag and drop builder, CDN, SEO deep linking and many other great features. Try it and make your site more interactive.

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about wordpress video gallery without plugin and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best photo gallery plugin for WordPress?

If you are looking for a good photo gallery plugin for WordPress, you are in luck. There are many to choose from, and each one has its strengths and weaknesses. Sure, you can always use the native WordPress gallery, but if you want something that is more flexible and responsive, there are plenty of options to choose from. We’ve compiled a list of the best photo gallery plugins for WordPress in this in-depth article. Let’s get started! There are many different photo gallery plugins available for use on WordPress, some are free and some are paid. Finding the best photo gallery plugin for your needs can be a little daunting, so this article will look at some of the most popular and well liked photo galleries available for free.

How do I make a video gallery in WordPress?

If you are into creating video blogs, you’ll soon find out that the embed codes for video sites like Youtube, Vimeo and others don’t play nicely with WordPress. The solution? A WordPress plugin like the one we are going to show you below. We’ll be using one of the most popular WordPress plugins, called “Embed Video”. WordPress is a blogging platform with a lot of functionality, but did you know that it also comes with an embedded video gallery? Tired of the ugly plugins that come with the core WordPress installation, I set out to find a solution. After some tinkering, I found a way to make a video gallery in WordPress.

What is the best plugin for WordPress?

Using a plugin is the best way to add a new feature to WordPress. In fact, WordPress was built with plugins in mind, and even though the WordPress core has been extended over the years, you will still find that many plugins serve the same purpose as functionality that was added in later versions. (For instance, there are plugins for adding blog comments, when the core didn’t have them.) The key to choosing the best plugin is to know what you need. Do you need something that is going to display video files, or are you looking for something that will handle your social media integration? You can always browse the directory for plugins if you are looking for something in particular, but if you don’t know what you are looking for, the Plugins are the lifeblood of the WordPress community – they help you accomplish so much, from adding SEO, to creating galleries, to creating an online store. The success of WordPress is largely due to the commitment of the community to creating these plugins and making them available for free. While the WordPress community has a number of great sites that will show you the best plugins, such as WPMU DEV, there is no single resource for the best plugins. Well, that was the case until now. We’ve compiled a list of the best free plugins available for your use below, along with some details and commentary about each one.

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