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Which royal would intervene if Queen Elizabeth became too ill to work?

Queen Elizabeth II’s recent Covid-19 diagnosis has raised both questions and concerns among the general public.

Partly because of her advanced age, but also because of the position she occupies in British society.

Queen Elizabeth II’s Covid Diagnosis was confirmed by Buckingham Palace on Sunday. The palace said her symptoms are mild and she plans to continue with “light duties”.

“Her Majesty is experiencing mild cold symptoms but expects to continue light duties in Windsor over the next week,” it said.

The palace said Queen Elizabeth will receive “medical assistance and follow all applicable guidelines”. The palace previously confirmed that the queen has been fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

Her diagnosis comes 12 days after Prince Charles – who also tested positive – visited his mother in Windsor.

What Happens When Queen Elizabeth Gets Too Sick to Work?

According to an article by The New York TimesWhile there are four royals who are next to fulfill Queen Elizabeth II’s royal duties, only two of them are eligible to do so.

Royal dictates state that if the Queen becomes too ill to work or she is abroad, officials designated as state advisers can act on her behalf.

People counted among the state advisers include the wife of the sovereign ruler (which no longer applies in the case of the late Prince Phillip) and the next four people in line for the throne.

These people must be of legal age.

Among the next four people in line for the throne after Queen Elizabeth are Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Prince William and Prince Harry.

Despite the recent settlement of charges related to the charges against him, Prince Andrew remains tainted by the Jeffrey Epstein association.

Prince Andrew was also stripped of public duties and military titles after a court ruled the case against him could go ahead.

And Prince Harry is, in fact, persona-non-grata in royal circles.

Therefore, Prince Charles and Prince William remain the likely candidates to act on behalf of the Queen as state advisers when needed.

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