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Zodwa Wabantu’s Advice to Pray More Effectively and ‘Pahlaring’

Since going through the official process of becoming a healer, entertainer Zodwa Wabantu has become more giving with all the wise advice she suddenly has to offer.

Her most recent advice has to do with prayer and pahlaring more effective.

Pahlaring – or ukupahla in isiZulu – refers to the process of communicating with the ancestors. It is often compared to praying.

Long thought to be a practice reserved exclusively for healers, sangomas, and other spiritually gifted people, ukupahla is something most healers advocate for the average person to do.

In addition to asking for things one needs during the process of ukupahlapeople are also encouraged to thank their spirit guides and ancestors for the goodwill in their lives.

Many spiritually gifted leaders have noted that people do not pray or pahlá effective and Zodwa Wabantu took to her Instagram to echo their advice.

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“Hello guys, remember when you pray to God or upahla, and you ask for money or for work, you do not dictate to God or the ancestors. When you pahláand you ask for money, you take all the money that comes your way.”

Then she advised people not to look down on material things and blessings in large quantities, because then their dreams will pass them by.

Check out Zodwa Wabantu’s spiritual advice:

This advice comes after she told people to be more critical of how much and which parts of their soul, life and energy they share with others.

“Know who you are when you are alone, because all these people are coming to take them away from you. Don’t tell me about money and material. People want life, they want energy. They want to take your gift and leave you empty and naked.”

“Don’t be available to all these places, protect your soul,” Zodwa concluded.

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